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The Mizar web is the main collaboration area for people using the Mizar proof checker and people involved in its implementation or implementation of related software.

Please do not hesitate to add/edit as many pages as you can

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Mizar Questions and Hints

  • InstallationAndFirstArticle: Mizar installation and first simple example of an article.
  • MizarFAQ: Why is Mizar behaving like this? post questions
  • ErrorMessages: What does this strange error message mean? post examples
  • MizarLanguage: The grammar of Mizar with examples, comments and suggestions; post examples
  • MizarTechniques: How to attack a theory, examples of typical solutions to typical problems; post new
  • MizarPitfalls (structured): Most common errors during Mizaring; post your angry comments here
  • MmlSuggestions: Suggest changes to existing articles here
  • MmlDevelopement: Formalisation projects, description of the MML
  • MmlPolicy?: The policy behind MML developement and revisions
  • MizarTheory: The theory behind Mizar
  • MizarProject?: Discussion of the Mizar Project, history, etc.

Mizar Wishes and Bugs

  • FeatureBrainstorming: Let the ideas flow - nothing is too unusual to consider - Mizar enhancements, new tools or projects - browse, comment, post new.
  • MizarWishlist
  • BugReports: Check open bug files; post new reports.
  • BugRejected?: Reports de-classified as bugs.
  • BugResolved?: Bugs squished, problems solved.
  • KnownIssuesOfMizar?: Last Production Release


Mizar Documentation

Mizar Mathematical Library

Formalized Mathematics

Mizar Projects

Mizar Links

Mizar Web Site Tools


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