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Each topic in the TWiki.Mizar has a classification. Set it using the WebForm when you edit a topic. Click on a classification below to generate a list of all Mizar topics currently listed in that category (Dec-2001 - most topics have NOT yet been categorized - go for it whenever you get a chance!):

  • FeatureBrainstorming - Wide open future dev discussion
  • FeatureEnhancementRequest? - Specific requests for new and improved features
  • FeatureToDo? - Features accepted into the dev queue
  • FeatureUnderConstruction? - Approved feature in active dev (see also FeatureHack?)
  • FeatureDone? - Implemented in Beta
  • DocRequest? - TWiki features in need of new or improved documentation
  • DocsToDo? - Pending docs for FeatureDone? and approved DocRequests?
  • FeatureDocumented? - Stable, documented feature
  • FeatureNotSuitable? - Down but not necessarily out

  • FeatureHack? - Unofficial core code modifications (in dev or done)
  • FeatureAddOn? - Any addon code implemented outside of the TWiki Plugins? API

  • SummaryTopic? - Review/refactory overview of a discussion area, with related links.
  • DefineTerm? - A basic definition/external link for specialized term, protocol, product, company, person,...
  • AdminTopic - TWiki/Codev functional and/or descriptive topic (ex: WebForm, ActiveTopic?; includes placeholders linking to same-named topics in other webs)
  • GatewayTopic? - A top-level launch-point topic, linking all other Codev topics and threads related to a broad main area of TWiki development: overview, active core discussion, sub-topic excerpts, links to SummaryTopics? for specific features and ideas.

-- WikiRoot - 04 Jul 2002

TopicClassification AdminTopic
ProjectGroup? NoneOther?
ImplementationDate? N/A
Topic revision: r5 - 2005-01-08 - 11:29:20 - JosefUrban
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