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Mizar specific motivation

  • chronic lack of MizarDocumentation?, nobody wants to spend time on it, it gets outdated very quickly, new users get stressed and deterred; the incremental "users for users" model could make a difference
  • "circular" discussions about various features, caused by the lack of documentation ("Yes we discussed this 10 years ago, then forgot about it")
  • unclear feature/project? priorities, caused by low and undocumented knowledge about their interdependence


  • as in any collaboration, the risk that nobody will contribute
  • additionaly, the PublishOrPerish? pressure in science, forcing people to prefer their own publications (cf. the QedManifesto? Bourbaki-style utopia smile )
  • various MizarWebs? and MizarMailLists? exist already, their relation to Mizar Twiki is not clear (depends on authors/users)
  • authorities are established, no one will want to edit AndrzejTrybulec?'s comments


  • takes most inspiration from the TWiki:Codev web, go there for additioal implementation ideas


Please contribute

-- JosefUrban - 05 Jul 2002

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